Book Review: Breaking Shadows: Bold

I recently had the pleasure to read Breaking  Shadows: Bold  by a fellow teen author Hannah Stewart. Her book came out December of last year.

Raven Falls is a dark place, a harsh place filled with destruction. But from the shadows, a revolution is rising. In a torn country lead by a corrupted, militaristic government, fear pervades every nook, every crack. It fills every broken heart, and chases the hopes and dreams from the people. But in the midst of it all, Jesse and her brother have taken a stand. Just two kids, they’ll have to rebuild their parents’ army if they ever hope to justify their deaths. A battle is coming, whether they’re ready or not. Their only hope is to be Bold.

First of all, this book was very well written. The setting was clearly described and all the characters were well developed throughout the novel. I enjoyed the banter between Ben and Jesse and the protectiveness that Ben had for his sister. Having a brother myself, I felt like this was very realistic. There was constant action which was nice, even when Jesse wasn’t in the thick of it, she was helping with training.
The ending was amazing. I’m not going to give anything away, but I will say that the ending was well written and kept the readers on their toes. The plot twist right at the end surprised me, but in a positive way. I am definitely looking forward to the next book.

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Character sketches and Floor plans

Exciting news today…

A dear friend of mine who is a very talented artist is doing some character sketches for six of the characters in The Fallen Crown. Super excited to announce this. She has done some already and they look amazing and I can’t wait to share some of the finished products later with you guys.

Also, I have begun floor plans for some of the suites (multiple rooms all in one large room) in the stories and boy do they look cool. I’ll probably post the first one next week once I’ve cleaned them up.

My editing is going well right now. I have seven more chapters to do line edits on and then I just have to type everything up. Everything is starting to come together and when I need to take a break from The Fallen Crown I have been working on plotting the second novel in the series. I can’t wait to reveal the title to you guys, but that will have to wait till later.

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Introduction to The Fallen Crown

My current project is The Fallen Crown, a futuristic novel that takes place in war torn Germany after World War III. Based almost a hundred years in the future from today, The Fallen Crown is told through the eyes of a servant in the palace of the kingdom of Hanover. Tony and his younger sister Jesse have worked in the palace since their parents’ death.

The nobles and government has become corrupt over the years. The servants are treated lower than dirt and often time the nobles gave out punishments for no reason. Tony has witnessed this abuse for ten years and has grown to hate the nobles. How much will he risk when he meets one girl who doesn’t fit the mold?

The Fallen Crown was written during NaNo, also known as National Novel Writing Month, and is the second complete novel I have written. At the beginning of this year I began the editing process with hopes of publishing the book.