Part 7

“I didn’t know I was pregnant when everything happened. I had my suspicions, and my important errand was picking up a pregnancy test. I should’ve lost her, but when I finally woke up I was still pregnant.”
“What happened?” he asked, his voice breaking.
“I was almost to the store when a car hit me, forcing me off the road. I manage to keep from flipping over. Through the windshield, I watched two cars pull over. A man left the second car and approached the first car, shooting as he went. I tried to reach my phone, but I hit the horn. The man who had shot at the other car came over to my car. I saw his face and the gun. He shot me in the stomach and left me for dead. Two months later, I woke up alone and not sure where I was. By then, I was four months pregnant. I don’t know how either one of us survived but we did. A marshal told me that I was in their care until they caught the man.” The words tumbled out of her mouth without her permission, and she squeezed her eyes shut against the flashes of memories. “They asked me who I was, and I couldn’t remember. A woman came to me, saying that she was my step-mother. She was the only person I was allowed to stay in contact with me when they put me into WITSEC. When Rae turned three, she was sent to my step-mother because it was getting more dangerous. My memories of my life before the accident didn’t start to come back until I started working for you, and I saw you on that first day.”
“Are you sure that the woman you sent Rae to was your step-mother?” he asked. “I don’t remember your father remarrying.” Hailey shrugged.
“I’m not sure. She seemed to know all the right details, but I wasn’t in my right mind when I identified her. You’re not mad at me,” she whispered. Daniel reached across and grabbed her hand.
“Why would I be mad at you? If anything, you should be mad at me. I never told you that I was FBI. What happened to you was out of your control.” He gently tugged on her arm and pulled her into his arms. She rested her head on his chest, and he draped his arm around her waist.
“I took so much from you.”
“But you’re here now, Ella-” he furrowed his brow “-Sorry, I mean Hailey. We are different people from who we were then, but that doesn’t change my feelings for you. I’ve always loved you, and I still love you. I have you back, and now I also have a beautiful daughter who looks so much like her mother.”
“She has your eyes. When I first noticed her green eyes, I felt like I had gotten a part of you back again.” She sat up and removed the colored contacts from her eyes. “The dye should wash out in a few weeks. I am due to get it redone soon, but I think because we are moving I can go back to my natural color.”
“Now that you are no longer in WITSEC, I don’t see why not.” He took her hands. “I promise you that this nightmare is almost over.” She nodded and glanced over his shoulder towards the hallway leading to the bedrooms.
“I hope so. Rae has gone through so much, and I just want things to be normal for her again.” He squeezed her hand and kissed her forehead.
“I need to check in with headquarters before we need to head to the new safe house. Why don’t you pack things up for you and Rae?” he suggested, reaching for his phone. Hailey nodded before standing from the couch.
“When are we leaving?”
“As soon as we are cleared to. As of last night, you and Rae have officially been transferred to FBI custody. We need to get you to a secure location as soon as we can.” Hailey nodded at his words before walking down the hallway to her bedroom. Quietly and quickly, she shoved handfuls of clothes into her duffel bag. After years of having to move at an moment’s notice, she mastered the art of packing into one bag. Zipping the bag close, she scanned her room for anything she might have forgotten. The picture of her and Daniel on their wedding day sat by her bed, and she grabbed it, shoving it into the side pocket on her duffel bag.