Juggling School and Writing: Part 3

Hello Lovely Readers,

I have been absent from here and my Facebook page recently. Part of that is because I spent nine days recent in Costa Rica for a school trip.

Writing on the beach in Costa Rica

The other piece is that school is coming to a close so I have papers and projects to do. But I am back down and really excited for this post. Today, I am talking about my support network in regards to tackling college and writing.

I am beyond blessed when it comes to support. My family (both immediate and extended) are always there for me, supporting me in all my endeavors. My gramma wanted to be a writer at one point, so she always gets so excited when I talk about my writing. Both of my grandpas have read a very early manuscript of my first book and kindly provided grammatical corrections. When I attempted to do a KickStarter, they all supported me and told all their friends about it.

My mom, my gramma, and me on college visits

I would not be where I was without my family’s encouragement and support. My parents and siblings are also super supportive. My oldest brother regularly tells me how cool the things I am doing, whether writing or my major. Personally, I think he’s cooler. I mean he is living in Hawaii, but we’ve agreed to disagree on that topic.


Me and one of my biggest cheerleaders

It is late night (or early morning) conversations with my brother that reminds me that everything I am doing is because I love doing it.

Me and my other brother

My little brother is a source of constant support and humor. In reality, he is the person who most inspired Anthony. It was my brother’s huge heart and desire to help everyone that shaped Anthony.

I also wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of my two best friends. These people listened to my crazy ideas when I was first starting to write seriously, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Several times, I subjected them to the horror of reading some of my early writing. (Let’s just say that those things will never be removed from the shelf.)

Both my model for Odessa and my first reader/content editor


All of these people are instrumental in supporting me in my writing journey, but you all are probably asked, what does this have to do with time management. So these people are all the people who are outside the writing roles. Their support roles range from encouragement to brainstorming to reminding me to also focus on schoolwork (Thanks, mom!). But they don’t help me juggle my writing and my school work.

Enter a lovely group of teen/young adult writers! Probably about five years ago, I discovered a group of young writers on Facebook called Go Teen Writers! At first I wasn’t so sure. They all seemed to be a lot more into writing then I was and at times I had a hard time keeping up with their jargon and these things called word wars that they did. Little did I know that when I started college that these word wars would become my lifeline to my writing world.

I discussed briefly in my first post of this series how I used writing to help destress me, but there were times during school were I wasn’t super stressed so I wasn’t writing as much. My Go Teen Writers facebook page hosted word wars. It was a good encouragement for when I wasn’t do anything for school to sit down and write for a solid twenty or thirty minutes. It was with the support of these fellow writers that I was able to grow as a writer and finish not one but three books in less than four years. While these books aren’t published yet, they would not have existed without the encouragement from these group of writers.

The most important lesson about writing that I’ve learned in my three years so far as a college student is that a support system of like minded people is key. While we all are doing different things it life, it is still beyond helpful to know that I can hop onto facebook and there will be someone else who is willing to help me or support me in my writing.

I hope you all have enjoyed this short series of juggling writing and school. Leave any questions you have below.

Until next time,



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