Story World Building Part 3: The Others’ World

Hey guys,

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to get on here. Today we will be looking at how I came up with the idea of The Others’ home star system.

The main conflict of this story is that the humans and a species of humanoids (The Others) are fighting over the same planet. To create the world which the Others came from I had to do a bit more background to figure out why the Others would come to the Earth in the first place.

The really cool part of this process was actually using my knowledge about conservation and ecosystem collapse to come up with a plausible scientific explanation for why this species would have to vacate their home planet in favor of another place to live.

I came up with the idea that The Others had been around for thousands of years longer than humans, and much of the environmental issues we are currently experiences on Earth had already happened on their home planet, Galar. Because of how fast their civilization evolved and grew, they essentially drained all the natural resources on their planet, leaving a dry and barren land which do not support live.

If you look at the Milky Way, Earth is the third planet from the Sun. This keeps us at the perfect temperature in which we don’t freeze over nor do we burn up. Keeping this in mind, I decided to have Galar be the second planet from their star, Fuar. Our Sun is a yellow dwarf and radiates a certain amount of solar energy. I made Fuar a white dwarf. The difference between these two types of stars is over 1,000 degrees. I factored this in to how the planet would’ve been functioning in a healthy state.

Once I had all of these additional variables, I decided that the only way Galar could scientifically support life was if that life was contained in biospheres which kept temperature, oxygen levels, water levels, etc at a livable level.


This is what I imagined Galar looking like. Keep in mind, there would be more than one biosphere.

Creating Galar was probably one of my favorite parts of the process because I got to use science to help create something that was believable.

Until next time,



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