Story World Building Part 2: The Human Civilization

Hey guys,

Today, we are going to look at the process I go through to create the where for my story. A quick recap. Last week, we looked at the premise (space opera, humans vs the Others, set in the future) and main characters (Niall, Ailene, Derrick). Today, we are going to explore one of the places these characters live.

I created one galaxy with two major star systems in it. The galaxy’s name is Fuil with means lifeblood in Irish. The two star systems are Saol nua (“new life”) and An eile (“The other”). The humans populate Saol nua and the Others/Galan populate An eile.

I modeled Saol nua after our solar system. For creating the culture and civilization, I looked not only at the current Earth, but also at other space operas that have sophisticated civilizations.

Saol Nua-basic facts

Number of planets: 5

Star name: Teas (“heat”)

Star type: yellow dwarf

Planet 1: Carraig (“rock)

Type: rocky

Year length: 6 months

Day length: 4 hours

Planet 2: Folam (“empty”)

Type: rocky

Year length: 8 months

Day length: 12 hours

Surface gravity: 1/2 of Earth’s

Species: humans

Population: ~200 (small colony and docking station)

Planet 3: Amhain (“one”)

Type: rocky

Year length: 12 months

Day length: 22 hours

Moons: 2-Gealai and Bui

Surface gravity: same as Earth’s

Species: humans

Population: 100,000

Planet 4: Uisce (“water”)

Type: rocky, covered in water

Year length: 16 months

Day length: 30 hours

Moons: 1-Taoide

Surface gravity: ~1 1/2 Earth’s

Species: humans

Population: 10,000 (colony and large docking station)

Planet 5: Fathach (“giant”)

Type: gas giant

Year length: 24 months

Day length: 32 hours

Moons: 3

Ring System: yes

Amhain is where the majority of the human population is. This is also the capital of the United Federation. Amhain’s surface is one large city with the main military stronghold as well as the Federation Building. eb30bd34d0c4af02075c0550aca3a1a8

This is an example of what Amhain looks like. It is the center of the human culture and the main trading hub of the Soal Nua system.

Amhain Culture

Similiar to Earth’s culture, Amhain’s culture is focused on the newest tech advances, political changes, and social justice issues. When the human population was forced to relocation to Amhain, they learned from the lessons of the past and changed the social structure making sure that everyone was looked after. Every person attends school through secondary (16 years old), and then they are tested for the best placement in society. At 19 years old, every young adult starts to live on their own away from their families.

The Land

Amhain has a mild climate and very little seasonal variation. It has dedicated green spaces and wildlife preserves for animals they brought from earth.


This story takes place in the future so they have made technological advances in nearly every field. Cars no longer exist instead hovers and speeders dominate the daily traffic for commuters. IMG_9315

Above is a drawing of the small fighters used for dogfighting as well as emergency supply runs.


Next week, we will look at the Other’s civilization.

Happy Reading!



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