Family Pt.2: The Parentals

Hello readers,

So I know I mentioned on Tuesday that I was going to be talking about how my parents’ relationships affected the romantic relationships in The Fallen Crown, but I actually decided to focus more on the parent-child relationships that are present in the novel.

Odessa and her father, King Jayden

My dad and I have a special bond. During the process of writing this novel, I pulled on my experience with my dad to determine how King Jayden would react to things that Odessa did. The same type of concern and worry for her well-being is the same that my own dad has. Let’s take a look at this short excerpt which shows that.

King Jayden walked swiftly down the white tiled halls, and Tony hurried to catch up with him. The two men walked down to the food court.

“The paramedics told me that you helped her until they arrived.”

“Yes, sir,” Tony replied, stiffly, unsure of the proper protocol in this moment.

“Thank you.” The king sat down heavily at one of the tables and buried his head in his hands. “The doctor said she will be fine. For the next few Months, she will have to be in a wheelchair until her legs heal. Her right leg was broken in multiple places. Thankfully, there wasn’t any more damage.”

Granted, I’ve never been in a situation like this, but I know for a fact that my dad would be worried about me. My dad means the world to me, and I am so proud to call him my dad.

dad and I


Heather and Tony

So this relationship is slightly different. Heather and Tony aren’t related, but they’ve developed a bit of a mother-son relationship. I think this was one of my favorites to write. I based Heather heavily on my mom. My mom likes to “adopt” people into our family. A large number of my really good friends joke that she’s like their second mom. I try to take this part of her personality and use it to form a relationship between her, Tony, and Jesse. Here’s a glimpse at Heather and Tony’s relationship.

She cut a small slice of bread and handed it to him. He shifted out of her way.

“I could’ve protected Jesse from all of this,” he muttered. Heather knocked his knuckles with her wooden spoon.

“You’ve done enough to protect her. She’s growing up and will soon be out of your care. You won’t be able to protect her from everything,” Heather reminded him.

“I know.” They fell silent, and Tony chewed on the fresh bread.


I am so beyond blessed to have such amazing parents who support me through everything I’m doing. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without them. Love you guys!




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