Family Pt. 1: Brothers

Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all had a restful Easter weekend. Having the three day weekend was a nice break from school and gave me a chance to spend some solid time writing. However, holiday weekends are also hard for me because I didn’t have the chance to see my family. This brings me to what I want to talk about today. So I’ve recently decided that I want to start talking about writing in general and what gives me inspiration, whether in the Hanover Chronicles or other projects I’m working on.

My family is a huge source of inspiration for both characters and events that happen in the Hanover Chronicles and other pieces I’ve worked on. I’ve been blessed with two fantastic brothers (sometimes they get annoying, but that is part of their jobs). Because I grew up in between them, I got used to how they interact with me and with my parents. They both have such funny personalities which I tend to pull on for my male characters. For example, many of the interactions in The Fallen Crown between Jesse and Tony are based on the ways my brothers and I talk to each other.

Here’s a short excerpt of one of those interactions. While it’s not identical to conversations we’ve had, this was the general gist of how we interacted during breakfast when we were rushing to school.

“Breakfast is on the table. You’ll have to eat quickly so we can get to work on time.” Tony sat down at the table. The loaf of bread was a luxury, and Tony enjoyed every bite of it.

“Pig,” Jesse mumbled under her breath as she bustled around the small kitchen. Tony chuckled under his breath. He finished breakfast and placed the plate in the sink.

(P.S. My brothers are really good about doing their dishes.) 11825556_882134801869164_54953099894695446_n

Both of my brothers are very compassionate and want to help other people. Whether it’s my friends or total strangers, both of them exhibit the compassion that I strived to show in Tony.

Here’s another short excerpt during which Tony stops to help at a car accident. I know that if my brothers were in a similar situation, they would stop and help.

Tony glanced behind him and caught Jesse’s worried gaze as she surveyed the wreckage. She held up her phone, and he nodded. “Call emergency,” he shouted. She dialed the numbers and held the phone to her ear. Tony glanced into the damaged car.


So we’ve looked at the way that my brother’s influenced my writing. On Friday, I’ll be continuing this post and talking about the way my parent’s relationships influenced the romantic relationships in the book.

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I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll see you on Friday!



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