Writing Retreat

Hey guys,

So last weekend, I had the opportunity to join my mom on a scrapbooking retreat. I also got the opportunity to multitask, meaning I worked on a scrapbook and I also did some major editing. It was pretty cool. We spent the weekend in the redwoods at a beautiful conference center/camp.

It was absolutely gorgeous, and a writer’s paradise. Since it was officially a scrapbook retreat, I got an entire table to myself. Being on my computer especially for writing, I didn’t need a table. However, I realized that having a table meant that I could spread out and doing some scene dissection and reorganization.

It was nice to visualize where my edits were actually going. And I also got lots of funny looks from everyone else there. But I’m a writer and this is how I think so I did it. Anyways, I got about four more chapters edited to what will most likely be the final version. I also did almost a year’s worth of scrapbooking, so success all around.

Working on the scene placements for Chapter 10

It was a fun weekend and I’m glad I got to get some serious editing done before I have to head back to Rhode Island for my second semester.



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