And So It Begins…

Hey guys,

Sorry for the radio silence the last few weeks. College and Marine Biology has taken back over my life.

But in really good news, I have finished the fourth draft for The Fallen Crown, which is the first book in the Hanover Chronicles. Now I just have to type everything out.

How about a glimpse at the very beginning of Tony’s and Odessa’s story?

Tony swallowed nervously as he stepped through the door. The room reflected a cheerful mood even though the Princess laid pale on the large hospital bed. Maids sat scattered on the sparse furniture chatting and giggling as they worked on various projects. Flowers adorned the bedside table, filling the room with a sweet smell. Nervously, his eyes landed once again on the injured princess. She sat upright now, her face bright and happy, but her eyes were lined with exhaustion. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that she had nightmares last night and probably didn’t sleep.

“Your Highness.” He bowed deeply, forcing a smile.

“Nonsense, Tony,” her voice commanded attention even in the chaos of the room. Tony’s eyes wandered unable to meet the bright eyes of the Princess, and he found his sister laughing and gossiping with two other maids in the corner, including Marina.

“Look at me, please,” the princess murmured and he turned back towards her, startled by the authority in her soft voice.

“I want you to be comfortable in my household. I don’t like the formality that everyone seems to associate with me. I assume Acher told you some about your duties.” Tony nodded and the princess smiled. “Very good. Your duties will officially begin when I’m released and can return home, but until then, you will remain here and keep me company. Hopefully, your company is actually enjoyable and not mindless chatter that my girls’ tend to supply.

“I will try my best, Your Highness.” Tony found himself teasing her.

“It’s Odessa, please.”

“Very well, Princess Odessa,” he answered. Her name rolled off his tongue in a strange, familiar manner. It felt natural to call her by her name instead of her title. Princess Odessa sighed, frustration written across her face.

“Your sister was right, you are stubborn,” she mumbled and Tony glanced over at his sister.

“My sister?”

“Yes, she warned me that you would be opposed to being part of my household.”

Tony groaned inwardly and sent a glare towards Jesse who smiled innocently back at him. Marina grinned at him before whispering with his sister.

“My apologies, Princess. I am truly honored to be a part of your household,” he apologized.

Hope you guys enjoyed. I’ve definitely been enjoying getting back into the heads of these characters.

Until Next Time



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