Book Surgery

Hey there my faithful readers,

Good news! I received the edits back from my friend for The Fallen Empress and I’m in the process of going through to make my own edits.

The beginnings of a long, slow editing process.
The beginnings of a long, slow editing process.

Unfortunately, I didn’t look over the manuscript before I sent it off. So now, I get to do some major book surgery. So far it’s been lots of hours locked away in my room and lots of red pen.

Book surgery at it's finest
Book surgery at it’s finest

It’s looking up and coming together in a way, I never imagined when I was first writing it. The characters are coming together in a better way and I’m looking forward to the end result. But to get there, I have to push through the trenches of editing.

Editing is an interesting process for me. I try to do a whole chapter at a time, but sometimes I don’t have the time. It’s stressful sometimes, trying to get everything to fit back together. The smallest things can change huge things by the end of the book. It is also fun. I haven’t spent time in the Hanover Chronicles’ world in several months. It is nice to get back into the heads of the characters.

Working on the third book and my side project have been put on hold for the time being. But hopefully, I’ll be back to working on those soon.

Until next time,



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