Snow Days

Hello to my faithful readers,

I have had lots of time recently to write-between winter break from college and now these fabulous things called snow days. Since coming across the country, there has been lots of things that are different, from the way people talk to what foods they eat. I have to say so far my favorite difference is the wonderful invention of snow days. Currently, outside there is some insane wind and snow flurries going on. Not something I would want to be outside.

Since The Fallen Empress is still in the safe hands of my friend, I’ve had some time to start on another project. So at this point, I’m going to deviate from talking about the Hanover Chronicles.

I’ve always enjoyed reading medieval fantasy books and especially the cliche ones-you know the ones where the prince saves the princess and even though they don’t want to find love they fall in love with each other because how could you not fall in love with the prince that saved you. So much of the first things I wrote were medieval, now those will never be unburied, but some of the ideas within them have be brought back to life in my newest project.

With this project, I’m handwriting it before I put it in the computer. But with all the snow and down time that I’ve been having, I’ve made a ton of headway jumping into these characters’ world. Cliches, especially in fantasy and medieval books, are hard to avoid. In the medieval time period, the women and young women pretty much did housework while the men were the soldiers and merchants. This idea was normal for the time period, but in books people don’t like the hero saving the damsel in distress. This idea created the whole idea of my story. How would two orphan girls survive most of their lives alone and on the run react to a young man their age helping them when they were at their lowest point? I figured this gave the two female characters enough independence, but at the same time brought them to a point that they needed help. I mean, come on, everyone needs a little help at some point in their lives. And you never know what could happen in the woods.

Enjoy the winter weather where ever you are and until next time,



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