Typing “The End”

So while I have disappeared from the blog for a while, it is all with good reason. Tonight, I official typed: “End of Book Two” at the bottom of my manuscript. This book has been such an adventure to write and has evolved so much from the place that I originally thought it was going to be.

The next step is to send it to my faithful read over friend, who always gets the first pair of eyes on my new manuscripts. Fingers crossed, she doesn’t rip it apart that much…or maybe I want that. There are some spots that are rough that will be fun to edit after she does her read through and edits. After that comes the long and strenuous process of macro and micro editing. Hopefully, I’ll uncover some gems along the way. (I actually do enjoy this part of the process almost as much as writing the book.)

But since no one has gotten to really read that much from this book, I figured another little teaser was due. Keep in mind this hasn’t been edited. This is a scene towards the end of the book and it was a lot of fun to write.

Tony woke to a white field with the warm sun shining down on him. Everything around him radiated peace. Frosted pine trees stood in the distance and from among them two figures emerged. One of them clearly a woman, while the other one was much smaller and he could not tell. The woman wore a glittered tiara with her brown hair laying down her back in rich chocolate curls. As the two figures drew closer, he could make out the smaller of the two figures and felt drawn to them. A little boy with ginger hair held hands with the woman and in his other hand clutched a stuffed bear tightly. The woman wore a pale blue dress and stepped through the snow with bare feet as though the cold did not affect her. The little boy was dressed in brown pants and a white shirt. As they came closer the pulsing in Tony’s heart increased and turned into a deep ache that he could not quench.

Like a bullet to his heart, their identity became clear and his feet moved forward. The little boy let go of the woman’s hand and ran forward. Tony’s knees hit the snow and the little boy’s arms wound around his neck. He breathed in the smell of the little boy, embracing his son for the first time. Somewhere in the back of his mind, remained him that this was just a dream, but he could not bring himself to believe it. The woman joined them, kneeling beside him. He released his son and turned to her. In a flurry of snow and warmth, their lips met. Nothing tasted sweeter than that moment: his wife returned to him bearing his son as well. Tears mingled with their kiss as they pulled away. He reached out to brush away her tears to find his cheeks wet as well.

“Is this our son?”

“Yes, Wil.” Tony turned to the little boy again and he folded himself into his father’s arms. Around them the scene began to fade as Tony struggle to stay in the dream.

“Papa, don’t go,” Wil called, twisting his shirt. Tony turned towards his wife and pressed a desperate kiss to her lips.

“I will find you, Odessa. Keep up the hope and don’t give up on me.”

“Papa…” Wil’s voice trailed off and he struggled to blink away tears.

“Papa, Papa, wake up,” Jana called and he bolted upright in bed, chest heaving as he was torn away from the dream. Everything around him spun as he struggled to get his breath together again. Jana’s arms were wrapped around his waist and he rested cheek on the top of her head. The door to his room swung open and Jesse stepped inside, her eyes wide.

“I heard shouting and crying. Is everything okay?” she questioned, looking over him and Jana for anything wrong with them. Tony nodded and closed his eyes to keep back the rest of his tears.

“We are fine now, aren’t we Jana?” His daughter nodded and snuggled deeper against him, sighing contently as she did so. He let out a breath and laid back down, careful to not disturb Jana too much. She shifted into the empty space next to him and smiled at him.

“Don’t worry, Papa, I’ll make sure all the scaries stay away,” she whispered and his eyes teared up.

“Thank you, baby girl.” He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes again. Sleep didn’t come easily this time, but the evenness of Jana’s breathing allowed him to relax as he laid in the stillness of the room.


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