Hello to my faithful readers,

Another apology for infrequent posts. College life is a little bit more hectic and it has taken some time to adjust. In the meantime, my writing has suffered mostly in the fact that I don’t have as much time to write. I’ve squeezed in a some writing, but most of it is academic writing (My writing class is taking over my life).

As far as The Fallen Empress is concerned, I have almost reached the end. My word count has surpassed 50,000 words which is super exciting and the final major incident has occurred. Now the characters are just dealing with the loose ends and setting things up for the third and final installment for the series.

Here is a short snippet from The Fallen Empress. This takes place towards the beginning of the novel and is a scene between Tony and Odessa.

The cool metal turned in his palm and the door yielded to him. Odessa stood against the wall; her arms cross over her stomach. Her eyes were cold and weary with large purple bruising under them and her shoulders defeated.
“What do you need, Tony?” The iciness in her voice chilled him and he transported to the days after he returned from the rebellion.
“I wanted to check on you. You got on so well with Jana and she misses you. I-“ he stopped mid-sentence, shoving his anxious hands into his pockets. She nodded stiffly; her eyes averted from his face.
“She needs love and care.” Tony swallowed hard at her words. He picked his next words carefully.
“Then she came to the right place, but I need your help.” He took a small step towards her, tucking a stray brown curl behind her ear. Her eyes met his for a nanosecond before she looked away from him.
“I don’t know about that.” His heart thudded anxiously in his chest as he studied her. Glistening tears pooled in her sapphire eyes, threatening to spill down her cheeks.
“Sometimes grief makes it hard to love those around you,” he murmured, his fingers trailing along her chin.
Her chin quivered and he could see the hurt in her eyes. He lifted her chin and her eyes met his.
“Let me in again, my darling.” She made a small noise of annoyance in the back of her throat.
“You shut me out, too, Anthony.”
“I didn’t mean to.” The corners of her mouth lifted and he brushed away the stray tears on her cheeks.
“I know.” He pressed his lips to her cool forehead and suppressed a yawn.
“Have you slept?” she questioned, peering up at him.
“I can’t. Too worried.”
“Come here.”


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