Other Ramblings: Kenton and Anna Farewell Scene

Exciting news! Last week I was able to finish the third draft of The Fallen Crown. For the time being, I am setting it to the side before I look at it again with fresh eyes. During my extra time, I have been writing some extra scenes both for the Hanover Chronicles series and for the couple that won’t leave me alone. I also have begun to write the first draft of the second book in the Hanover Chronicles, which will remain a secret for the time being. (If you already know the title please keep it under wraps.) 

Alright so this scene is about the couple from a previous work of mine that refused to leave me alone. (This is not from the Hanover Chronicles). This scene takes place two years before the story actually starts and is set in medieval times.

Anna couldn’t breath as her father’s words sank in and her body went numb. Her eyes threatened to fill up with tears, but she blinked them away keeping her composure. She had an image to keep after all. She lifted her head and scanned the faces of those in the audience hall. Most seemed as shocked as she was by the exile of the Elvin Crown Prince, but a few seemed happy about it. Her eyes landed on Fredic, the Duke of Carlin’s son, who wore a smug smile as he opening gawked at her. Her heart dropped even lower in her chest. Her engagement to Prince Kenton would now be broken with his exile, making her eligible to be wooed by any rich, snobby noble.

She looked away from the crowd and dragged her eyes across the marble floor before lifting them to observe Kenton. He stood tall and proud as her father pronounced his terrible sentence. The golden hilt of his sword glinted in the sun that streamed through the tall windows. He looked every part the perfect prince and general. A proud smile tugged at her lips as she watched him take the news. He met her gaze and his dark blue eyes almost brought tears to her eyes. She bit her lip, willing away the tears. The charges were ridiculous, but she knew better than to speak out publicly against her father.

“It will be okay,” he mouthed and she nodded. The audience ended and the room slowly emptied. Anna stepped forward and Kenton met her in the middle of the room.

“I will do all I can to clear your name.” He shook his head.

“You won’t be able to. The charges are true. When I first came to court, I was naive and could not see the treachery in my own servants. My manservant was a rebel and I provided him with information because I believed he was curious about battles and the ways of the army.” 

“Why isn’t he being charged?”

“I made enemies in court who want me out of the way. There are many who believe a marriage between our two races would bring about the downfall of the country.” Anna felt the tears building up again behind her eyes and allowed them to appear.

“No! If you are gone, then I will be here alone.” She couldn’t breath. Her breath came out in gasps as she got more worked up and she struggled to get any air into her lungs.

“Hey, hey. Stop, Anna!” Kenton’s sharp command broke her hysteria. He touched her cheek and ran a thumb along her jawline, gathering the tears that had spilled from her eyes. She calmed down and a weight lifted from her chest. “It will be okay, I promise.” She grabbed his wrist, holding his hand to her cheek.

“I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

“I know, but you must do what is best for your country and your people. They will look to you when you become Queen.” She sighed and looked down at the ground. “Listen to me, Anna.” He lifted her chin and met her gaze. “You need to do what is best for Almestria. That may mean you marry another prince from another country or you marry a influential noblemen from here. Don’t do anything that will hurt your reign.” He kissed her forehead and released her. She watched him walk out of the audience hall, unable to move although her heart yearned to chase after him. The doors shut behind him and she dropped to her knees on the cold marble.

A hand fell on her shoulder and she looked up. Her father stood over her, concern evident on his face. Anger rose up in her chest.

“Why did you do that?” she shouted, getting to her feet.

“I had too. There was evidence that couldn’t be overlooked.”

“Did you even ask his side?”

“Are you questioning my authority?” he bellowed and she shrank away from him.

“No, sir.”

“Good, now go to your suite. You will stay there until supper.”

“No. I am not a child anymore. You can’t just banish me to my room to keep me from seeing him.” She picked up her skirts and walked towards the door. “Stop right now!” her father shouted, but she kept walking. Her arm was yanked backwards and she tumbled over her skirts. Her knees made contact with the hard marble floor and her palms slapped the floor painfully. She cried out and her father pulled her to her feet. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared at her father.

His eyes bore into hers and she swallowed. Gone was her father and in his place stood the battle hardened general who had lost so much. His face turned red and his grip tightened. She winced and shrank away from him. “Let go,” she whimpered and his free hand rose from his side. Time froze as she turned away from him. The pressure on her arm disappeared and she stepped away from him with wide eyes. His expression changed and sorrow filled his eyes. He reached for her, but she stepped away, anger and fear flooding through her. Memories of similar outbursts made tears spill down her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, Anna,” he apologized and she knew he meant in, but she had to get away. She stepped towards the door and it opened. “Don’t touch me or come near me until I come to you, father.” Her voice quivered and she spun on her heel, dashing out of the room. Her heart raced as she ran through the halls, swiping angrily at her tears. She burst into the cold air and ran down the palace steps.

“Kenton!” He turned and looked at her. She ran into his open arms, wrapping her legs around his waist as he hoisted her in the air. She savored the moment of freedom they had and inhaled his smell of sandalwood, burying her face in the crook of his neck. He placed her back on the ground.

“Don’t go,” she pleaded and he cradled her face in his hands.

“I wish I didn’t have to do and that I could stay here with you, but if I stayed I would be killed. Believe me, Anna, I’d do anything to stay here with you. I love you.” Her eyes welled up with tears at his words and she smiled through her tears.

“I love you, too.” A stable boy approached, leading a horse.

“I have to go now.” She nodded at his words and he let her go. She watched him secure the saddle, checking all the straps and buckles. He turned towards her again and kissed her tenderly.

“I’ll write to you when I get home.” She nodded and stretched up on her toes to kiss him. He pressed his forehead to hers and she lost herself in his dark blue eyes.

She wasn’t sure how long they stood in the middle of the courtyard with silent tears slipping down their face, but no one stopped them. “I love you,” he whispered repeatedly in her ears, reminding her that they would not see each other for a long time. Footsteps approached them from behind, shattering their bubble. He pulled away from her and she dropped her head, face flushing.

“Prince Kenton, King Ethan has requested that I escort you to the border of Almestria,” Anna’s long time guardian, Sir Hal, said from behind them. Kenton took Anna’s hand and she felt a sob bubbling up in her chest. The sob spilled up into her throat and out of her mouth, her facade crumbling. Her shoulders shook her and she covered her mouth with her hand. Hal placed a hand on her shoulder in an attempt to be comforting, but she pulled away. Kenton lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes.

“It’ll be okay.” He kissed her forehead, her nose, and finally her mouth. “May your future reign by long and prosperous. I swear on my crown that Luneria will remain friends with Almestria.” She flung her arms around his neck as he finished. He buried his head in her shoulder and she tangled her fingers in his blond hair. Sir Hal cleared his throat and the couple separated reluctantly.

She watched him mount his horse and secure his bags. The sounds of the galloping horses echoed in her ears long after they had faded. She stood rooted in her spot until his figure became too small to see. Only then did she return inside. She entered her chambers and found a familiar blue tunic folded on her bed. Smiling, she brought it up to her nose, inhaling the smell of her love. She wished godspeed to the Elvin Prince who held her heart.


One thought on “Other Ramblings: Kenton and Anna Farewell Scene”

  1. Hey, just a suggestion. Find somebody you trust to read the third draft to find the typo’s and to get some honest feedback. That is the teacher in me wanting you to have the best product you can before you publish. You have a very good writing voice and it is nice to know that you are brave enough to share.

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