First Glimpse at The Fallen Crown

This is the short piece I submitted for my school yearbook for their writer’s corner. Hope you enjoy this short piece.

Every head in the room turned towards him as he stalked forward. His gun hung loosely in his right hand and blood dripped down his left hand. He knew he looked insane, but his eyes were focused on his beautiful Odessa. She stood at the front of the room behind the arrogant Prince Carter who had drawn the gun from his hip. Silence filled the large room as Tony walked down the aisle. Someone in the crowd whimpered and he instinctively swung his gun towards the sound, causing people to scream and duck. Bitterness and spite grew at their fear and each step drew him nearer to the front of the room. Slowly, the other members of the Alpha squad entered the room until the last one closed the wood doors firmly behind them. Tony shot his gun up in the air, silencing everybody.
“This is a rebellion,” Tony declared leveling his gun at Odessa. Any tenderness he held for her seemed to have fled the moment he saw her standing in a white grown beside the Prince of Munich. Screams once again rose from the crowd and Tony’s finger twitched on the trigger again. Fear filled her eyes and she pressed her hand to her mouth, sapphire tears dripping down her cheeks Hands shaking, he turned the gun away from Odessa. He couldn’t shoot her, even though he wanted to hate her. His gun leveled itself on Carter instead.
“Everyone not in the royal family or the wedding party leave now.” The room emptied faster than he expected. Odessa’s eyes met his again, and sadness and pity filled them. Jesse stood beside her with a hand pressed to her mouth. A mixture of shock, fear, and disappointment filled her green eyes.
The Prince sneered at Tony and leveled his gun at him. His finger squeezed the trigger the same moment Tony ducked. Chaos erupted in the room and Tony lunged forward, yanking Odessa down to him. His gun pressed against her forehead and every movement in the room stopped. He glanced at the Prince and the sight he saw made him freeze. Prince Carter’s hand was wrapped around his sister’s arm and his gun was trained on her stomach. Jesse’s eyes were wide with fear and tears threatened to spill down her cheeks.
“Let go of the princess or your sister dies,” Carter threatened. Tony felt Odessa shaking from fear and something in his heart broke at the thought of what he had become.
A shot rang out in the quiet room and Carter crumpled to the ground, clutching his leg. For a moment, Tony froze in fear. His eyes darted down to his gun, but his fingers still rested the the right of the trigger. Tony released Odessa, like his hands were on fire, and glanced behind him. Andres stood in the doorway holding a smoking gun. Tony turned towards the King.
“Your kingdom has been taken from you. From this point on it is under rebel control,” he declared and clicked a pair of handcuffs around King Jayden’s wrists. Andres and Jesse embraced in the middle of the royal hall, while Odessa sank to her knees sobbing.
“It’s finally over,” he murmured.


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