Introduction to The Fallen Crown

My current project is The Fallen Crown, a futuristic novel that takes place in war torn Germany after World War III. Based almost a hundred years in the future from today, The Fallen Crown is told through the eyes of a servant in the palace of the kingdom of Hanover. Tony and his younger sister Jesse have worked in the palace since their parents’ death.

The nobles and government has become corrupt over the years. The servants are treated lower than dirt and often time the nobles gave out punishments for no reason. Tony has witnessed this abuse for ten years and has grown to hate the nobles. How much will he risk when he meets one girl who doesn’t fit the mold?

The Fallen Crown was written during NaNo, also known as National Novel Writing Month, and is the second complete novel I have written. At the beginning of this year I began the editing process with hopes of publishing the book.


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